Our Mission


Our purpose is to live out the love of Jesus Christ by evangelizing, discipling, fellowshipping, and serving the world. Our goal is to present opportunities and training for evangelizing the lost, discipling believers, encouraging one other, and serving around the world!

We are motivated by the belief that God's Word is sufficient and that people who follow its life changing message can bring glory to God.  We rejoice in the message of the cross - that people can be forgiven of their sins through the blood of Christ and brought to a personal relationship with God.

We are a family of believers committed to looking out for each other’s well-being, especially each other’s spiritual well-being. We stress involvement because we believe everybody is enabled by God to benefit the body of Christ in some way, and that his body is crippled when Christians refrain from using their gift.


Grace Bible Church has a vision to be all things to all people that we might win some. We zealously do all we can to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities and around the world. We want every single person in this world to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so they can believe and be saved!



- We desire to be a welcoming church, where guests are received as they are and are invited to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.

- We desire to be as sacrificial church, where an environment of selfless love is embodied as people place the interest of others ahead of their own.

- We desire to be a church who understands that we bear the name of Christ and b the way we live, bring Him either honor or shame.


- We desire to create an atmosphere of worship in which today's believers can corporately express their praise and adoration for God.

- We desire to be a ministering church, where everyone discovers and invests his or her unique gift and calling of God; and where everyone is encouraged and empowered to serve in accordance with God's Holy Spirit.

- We desire to be a discipling church, a community of life-long learners, where God's Word is taught and proclaimed with integrity


- We desire to be a church of small groups, where believers and seekers alike can encounter and experience true Biblical community

- We desire to be a praying church, where God is continually called upon, individually and corporately, in matters great and small.